F.A.S.T Global Marketing - how to tackle tiredness

F.A.S.T Global Marketing Advise Workforce on How to Tackle Tiredness

Combating tiredness was the focus of F.A.S.T Global Marketing’s morning meetings this week, with CEO Tofiq Bolwala highlighting several ways to overcome energy-deprivation.

As their name suggests, F.A.S.T Global Marketing function at a super speedy pace and the fast-paced industry often means a lot of their leading professionals aren’t granted a good night’s sleep. Even for the lucky few who can get the full 8 hours, sometimes still feel exhausted and unable to shake the feeling of tiredness.

A lot of busy working professionals walk around feeling energy-deprived and a great deal of the time this is due to lack of sleep. F.A.S.T Global Marketing offers their top tips on how to combat tiredness:

  1. Move around daily – it is vital to adopt a healthy lifestyle. By ensuring that the recommended 10,000 steps are made daily, it can counteract the byproducts of modern working conditions, including stiffness and headaches. Cognitive boosts are a result of moving, the release of endorphins boosts mood, morale and creative powers.
  2. Adopt a balanced diet – An unbalanced diet can affect the body’s ability to achieve a good night’s sleep. Too much sugar or caffeine create an imbalance of energy. If a balanced diet is practised and tiredness is still present, it would be a good idea to contact a GP.
  3. Stress – Cortisol is a natural hormone that places the body in fight or flight mode, stress causes Cortisol to be released. Many people report to their GP’s for stress-related illnesses, and it accounts me for 60-80% of total GP visits. Massages, yoga and meditation are great ways to regulate cortisol release naturally. Walking also has a calming ability as it allows the brain to organise thoughts.

The rapidly expanding company specialize in outsourced sales and marketing, with their market reach spreading throughout the Mid-West and beyond. The company use a personalized form of marketing which allows them to connect with their clients’ ideal consumers on a face-to-face basis. This one-to-one connection with customers helps the firm to drive long-lasting business relationships between brand and consumer. In turn, this often leads to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients.

The firm is committed to developing a well-rounded and successful team, they often run workshops centred around upskilling, but the firm wants to ensure their workforce doesn’t burn out and can identify and overcome tiredness.


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