F.A.S.T Global Marketing Discuss Their Top Tips To Help Make Better Decisions

Direct sales and marketing experts, F.A.S.T Global Marketing, discusses their top tips to help business leaders and entrepreneurs make better decisions. The Miami based firm has recently held a company-wide workshop to support their contractors and staff.

Being in a position to make a big decision on behalf of a company can often be a daunting task for some, as they will invariably be under scrutiny as their choice differs from others. It’s usually difficult for leaders to leverage themselves. To make a more universally accepted decision group input is often an incredibility valuable tool. However, overconfidence can sometimes cause a leader to go solo when it suits them. Ultimately this will often lead to the loss of confidence others have in the leader’s ability to make the right choice and lead the team effectively.
It is with this in mind that FAST Global Marketing has developed a list of guidelines they believe will make for better decision-making:
1.) It is ok to rethink old solutions
It might not have solved the problems previously but don’t be afraid to try and implement the same strategy or make the decision again. It’s often the case that with the current changes in place and some adaptation the idea might work better.
2.) It’s a marathon, not a sprint
Don’t be in a rush to get out of the blocks; making rash and unconsidered decisions can often results in failure to ask the right questions and miss out crucial information. While there is a need for relative urgency, making quick decisions can often do more harm than good. For example, if there is an element of urgency, ask what the influence behind it is. Taking as much time to make informed decisions can only be a benefit.
3.) Stand at the cross-section of order and chaos
There’s no need to be a complete authoritarian with a rule the workplace with an iron fist. It is ok to step back and lose the reigns within the decision-making process. By taking the focus off complete power and control and focusing on leadership that welcomes subordinates ideas and questions. Such a culture of listening to multiple perspectives will offer a much better platform for making informed and universally accepted decisions.
4.) Always listen
It might seem obvious to some, but the best way to gain clarity is by asking clarifying questions. It’s essential that subordinates know their leader has heard them, it will also enable them to think more in-depth about the issues at hand.
5.) Quality not quantity
Sometimes the best solution is spending more time understanding and defining the problem. Seek the right information for having too much information. Being able to understand the problem will allow you to fully realize what decisions need to be made.
FAST Global Marketing regularly hosts workshops for their contractors and staff. The firm wants to help create the next business leaders of tomorrow. Furthermore, through their fantastic development pathway, budding entrepreneurs have access to unique networking opportunities as well as the chance for one-to-one mentoring from industry leaders.
F.A.S.T Global Marketing specializes in creating personalized, quality results for all of their clients as well as their consumers through face-to-face acquisitions and advertising. The firm has years of experience increasing brand awareness and enhancing the brand image for their clients and rely on the ability to forge personal connections. People buy because of people, and this is something that F.A.S.T Global Marketing swears by.

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