F.A.S.T Global Marketing investigate the leadership lessons to be learned from Bill Gates

F.A.S.T Global Marketing investigate the leadership lessons to be learned from Bill Gates

Seattle based direct sales and marketing experts, F.A.S.T Global Marketing believes that every successful business is built on solid leadership foundations.   

The firm is absolutely committed to the ongoing development of the next generation of industry leaders. The younger generations particularly millennials are quickly making up the bulk of the workforce, however, they have a somewhat unwarranted stigma attached to them. F.A.S.T Global Marketing is looking to give this demographic the opportunity to quash that perceived image through fantastic opportunities within the sales and marketing industry.  

However, in order to mold the leaders of tomorrow, it’s particularly prudent to analyze and learn from the leaders of today. One such leader is Microsoft founder Bill Gates; there are many lessons to be learned from such an iconic, innovative business leader. So, what is it that he does well and what can be learned: 

Pursuing what you love:  

From an early age, Bill Gates was mesmerized by computers and spent the vast majority of his time learning how to program, although not the perfect model he was passionate, and that passion ultimately lead to the creation of one of the most important technology companies to date. Having that same passion within the sales and marketing industry will ultimately lead to great things, having the determination, willingness to learn and true grit will put individuals in good stead to be the innovators and leaders of tomorrow.  

Working tirelessly:  

Success doesn’t happen overnight, it is the culmination of tireless hard work and dedication, and Gates knew that all too well. The same concept is directly relatable, the sales and marketing industry is notoriously difficult and takes time for individuals to master the skills. Finding the right formula   

Looking forward:   

No matter what happens, a legendary leader continues to look forward, no matter what barriers might be put up or faced along the way. While most would assume Gates, phenomenal success was issue free, you’d be wrong. It’s important to constantly look to the future particularly within the industry, never give up, continuously look for ways to innovate and relish failure don’t fear it, there is no better learning experience.  

F.A.S.T Global Marketing is constantly on the lookout for those individuals that possess strong leadership skills. Individuals can be taught how to do a job, but leadership skills are considered innate. The firm is committed to getting the best out of their recruits and regularly have one-to-one mentoring sessions, motivational and development workshops as well as offering fantastic networking opportunities all of which are combined to create a fantastic personal development pathway for all their contractors.   

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