F.A.S.T Global Marketing - investigate How to Make the Most of ‘Micromoments’

F.A.S.T. Global Marketing Investigate How to Make the Most of ‘Micromoments’

The Seattle based sales and marketing firm pride themselves on embracing the latest developments and trends in the consumer landscape, taking on board new discoveries which impact their industry and effectively incorporating it into their business approach.

Intent on providing clients with the most up to date outsourcing solutions available to them, F.A.S.T. Global Marketing, as their name suggests, are known for implementing marketing campaigns quickly and efficiently. Recently the company has been investigating ‘micromoments’ and the importance of utilising every second they have with a potential customer, maximising the value of their interactions.

A micromoment is the name given to a brief but precious period brands are given to make an impact on the consumer. As more and more companies discover the importance of these micromoments, F.A.S.T. is working towards adapting this concept into their approach to dealing with customers.

“In a world that is all about right here, right now, immediate consumption and convenience take priority over everything,” a spokesperson for the company explained. “Businesses are recognising how much sales and marketing is changing. Nowadays the average consumer has a far shorter attention span making it harder to entice customers, which is why having an instant impact in the first initial moments, is vital.”

The firm has discovered micromoments are driven by the massive increase of mobile use. A recent study showed 50-80% of web traffic, and content consumption happens from mobile devices and companies are having to adapt their marketing approach accordingly.

To fully understand who their customers are and where in the sales journey they are, F.A.S.T. has been encouraging their contractors to pay particular attention to creating relevant and encapsulating messages. The business plans to continuously research and educate themselves on how to remain at the forefront of developing technology and trends, as the consumer landscape continues to transform.

The Seattle outsourced sales and marketing firm have a market reach spreading throughout the Mid-West. The company specializes in a personalized form of marketing which allows them to connect with their clients’ ideal consumers on a face-to-face basis. This one-to-one connection with customers helps the firm to drive long-lasting and personal business relationships between brand and consumer. In turn, this often leads to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients.

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