F.A.S.T. Global Marketing throw support behind new ‘Found in Miami’ ad campaign.

F.A.S.T. Global Marketing throw support behind new ‘Found in Miami’ ad campaign.

The President of Miami-based outsourced sales and marketing experts F.A.S.T Global Marketing Tofiq Bolwala has recently spoken out in support of Found in Miami – a new marketing campaign that aims to give tourists a more authentic experience of the Miami-Dade area, beyond nightclubs and beaches.

Although the firm’s service offering primarily focuses on offline, face to face interactions, F.A.S.T have praised Miami tourism leaders for utilizing social media in a manner that allows the local community to become brand storytellers.

Mr. Bolwala of F.A.S.T Global Marketing draws comparisons with his own business model, where products and services are marketed to the public through the use of face to face interactions that aim to provide a more personalised experience between brand and consumer.

“I’d say there are definitely similarities with the way our business operates. If the Miami tourism board are looking to uncover hidden gems and authentic experiences, then what better way to use the locals to act as natural ambassadors for the masses – who knows better?,” commented Bolwala.

According to their website, the Found in Miami campaign has cost millions of dollars to implement and includes social media, print and digital advertising, radio, bus-stop ads, a public relations campaign, an influencer strategy, celebrity engagement and a consumer experiential event in New York later this month.

F.A.S.T Global Marketing have given the campaign the seal of approval for using such a collaborative and broad approach with their on and offline strategies. While Bolwala and many other offline-minded business owners have stood strong in the face of digital favouritism in advertising, for him, it’s very much a case of supplementation over sole-strategy;

“Using offline marketing as a complementary tool to other marketing channels is when companies experience the greatest levels of customer acquisition. Using a strategy that broadly attacks all consumer touch points is what we’re firm advocates of – and always will be. I’m a big fan of how the campaign is using people as trusted sources of content – word of mouth recommendations are like gold dust, and that’s why I can see it being a huge success,” stated F.A.S.T Global Marketing’s president.

The firm’s own direct marketing approach allows them to develop long-lasting and personal relationships with target markets, on behalf of their clients – acting as brand ambassadors.

Found in Miami will run until August 31 of this year, and feature social media posts by Miamians showcasing their favorite hidden gems using the hashtag #FoundinMiami.

Source: http://www.miami.com/miami-news/miamis-tourism-heads-want-you-to-help-lure-visitors-with-your-social-media-posts-190880/

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