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We provide a personalized 5-star service tailored to suit your needs.
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Customer Service

We understand that in today’s competitive market environment consumers can choose whom they do business with. We appreciate their valuable feedback and truly care about their experience. By passing on the relevant information to our clients, they can take action accordingly and create the wow-factor.

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Customer Acquisition

Acquiring new customers is crucial for any business. Depending on our clients’ demand, we commit to generating the requested amount of new customers. Our flexible and personalised approach draws people’s interest. Our sales force talks them through the process and is there to consult with consumers and answer any questions.

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Brand Loyalty

Having loyal customers is absolutely crucial for any business, considering that maintaining an existing customer costs around ten times less than acquiring a new one. With our unique approach, we build the foundation of a long lasting and trusting relationship between our clients and consumers.

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Lead Generation

We have a number of efficient practices in place to create quality customer leads, encourage more enquires and secure long-term customers to your brand. By using customer data, we will increase the level of customer loyalty with an efficient turnaround period.

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Campaign Design

We will assist you with creating a positive attitude and image for your brand to ensure that customers have a satisfying customer experience, resulting in them becoming a loyal long-term customer.

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Brand Awareness

By letting us create and tailor a personalized experience for your customers, it shows them you care about their transaction with you. It can be an invaluable way to nurture relationships, boost conversion rates, and increase overall awareness.

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Our campaigns are issued on a pay-on-performance basis; you only pay us for the results we produce. This means you are always guaranteed a high return on investment. By offering this type of service, businesses are able to receive a high quality service into market at a very competitive price.
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How does it work?

We tailor each of our campaigns to suit to your needs to ensure you receive maximum results. We will develop a unique campaign designed specifically for your target audience. By being in control of the buying purchase, we ensure each prospect receives a positive and polite customer experience, and a result they will tell their friends and family about how good the service is. Such forms of recommendation are priceless, so we take our form of direct, personalised marketing very seriously.

At F.A.S.T Global Marketing we always strive to exceed your expectations. Using our services will help increase your sales figures, build brand awareness and improve overall customer retention.

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